Time rides the history chariot, while the history gifts the civilization as an entity of a generation along with its themes & thoughts. 

AMORDAD is well-thought, peace performer, humble & eternal, plants patrol; a title remains from those civilization & history that known as an angel who patrolled the plants & flowers on the earth & sings the immortality & life for the soul of earth. After going through all “AMORDAD”, the memoir which sings out for the soul, stepped to the worldwide perfume markets & to the hearts.
AMORDAD attempts for the eternity of the name by the reality of originality and aromatizing your soul. AMORDAD founded in 2009, as it is deserved to the world.

Its major activity is fragrance. This company is leading to a great and transcendental aim and secret which would be revealed in "v" day.

Literary "AMORDAD" means immortality. "AMORDAD" was an Angel in Persian mythology that patrolled plants and flowers on the earth.



This Company with the purpose of great power achievement in perfume production has developed a new mutation in order to prevent fake and duplicate production by cheaters. By referring to the website and registering the purchased product registration number, customers would be assured with the originality of the purchased item.

AMORDAD Company is doing the best in presenting products in magnificent and stylish designs with the purpose of dignifying customers. Under the recognized policies of Amordad Company, production lines are situated in two different countries, France & Italy that would help the Company in providing best quality of products.

The Glamorous power of AMORDAD perfumes is so heavy that soaks up everyone with a different sensation.